About Michelle

Michelle LinderMichelle has mastered numerous media including: clay sculpture, detailed mosaics, oil painting, acrylic painting, illustration, computer graphics, film, writing, jewelry design, clothing design, composition and color design, color pencils, water colors, casting, make-up, special effects, and so on.

Moreover, Michelle has worked in metal sculpture and casting, computer animation with Flint/Flame and SoftImage and has studied figure drawing and air brushing at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco. Regardless of the medium, Michelle approaches all art forms with imagination and creativity.

Prior to having recently moved to the South, Michelle worked in Los Angeles in various capacities in the feature film industry.  Her last position (prior to focusing on painting) was at a movie studio where she designed feature film posters and DVD covers, and worked as a story editor.  She has written several screenplays of which many have been awarded in competitions including  the Nicholl’s Fellowship and Scriptapalooza at the Sundance Film Festival.

Thus far, Michelle has seen three of her screenplays produced. Also, she has worked as a production coordinator on several independent feature films. Between projects, she created and sold handmade jewelry and Sworovsky crystal mosaics on shoes.

DC Vietnam War MemorialMichelle’s introduction to the film industry began by doing film make-up and creating special effects.  She worked on many feature films and television shows including: “The Golden Child,””The Fly,””Enemy Mine,””Howard the Duck,” and “Ice Pirates.”Michelle worked as a make-up and special effects artist for television and movies until 1987 when she decided to return to school focusing on becoming a film producer.

Currently, Michelle is a graduate student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is studying Human Computer Interaction (HCI), integrating her strong art and media background with user-interface design and computer programming.

Michelle Linder’s Resume

For more information, visit Michelle’s website and blog at MichelleLinder.com.

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