Joelle’s Art — Graphic Design

In addition to painting and photography, Joelle creates graphic designs for her website management work in television news and other sites. Currently, a lot of her work is created for her work as the web editor for the Redwood Writers, the largest chapter of the California Writers Club. Here is a portfolio of some of her designs created using Photoshop:

Designs for Redwood Writers:

Just like her paintings and writing, Joelle enjoys designing graphics that tell a story and reflect each theme. As well, she carries those designs and their themes throughout related material she manages for the club: web pages, social media, designing Pinterest pages meant to accompany and complement the club’s offerings, and so on.

Monthly speakers:

Each month, the Redwood Writers features a different guest speaker at its membership meetings held in the Empire Room ballroom at the Flamingo Resort and Spa. Every speaker provides a focus–a title–for their presentation. Using that information as a guide, Joelle designs her multi-layered graphics based on her interpretation of the featured topic/speaker.

(Click on any of the images to enlarge)

Writing contests:

Graphic design by

Joelle Burnette graphic design for Redwood Writers. Writing contest homepage slider image. Design:

Redwood Writers hosts several writing contests throughout the year. Like her speaker series graphics, Joelle uses the contest themes to create professional graphics to accompany the web pages she designs and codes on behalf of the club. She then uses those designs in topic headers, winner graphics, related social media and on each Pinterest page she builds to accompany Redwood’s contest pages. The Pinterest pages attract people to the Redwood Writers website and club via pins reflecting particular themes; pins that also serve to motivate writers and engage them in the club’s activities and events.

More themed graphics:

Joelle designs graphics to accompany all types of events and activities for the Redwood Writers. There are open mic and author launch events, workshops, play festivals, conferences, and so on.

Graphic design by

Joelle Burnette graphic design for Redwood Writers. Author Launch homepage slider image. Design:

Designs for KRON 4 TV News (San Francisco):

Pi Day graphic design for KRON News created by Joelle Burnette.

Pi Day graphic design for KRON News created by Joelle Burnette.

Joelle works as a web content producer for KRON 4 News in San Francisco. In this position, as well as being a news writer and journalist, she builds content on the KRON website. In addition to video and photo editing, she creates a variety of graphics to accompany various stories and holidays. Here is a selection of some of her graphics:

(PLEASE NOTE: These graphics are licensed to KRON TV and should not be used or reproduced without permission)

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